The Most Important Thing

We all set out every day to have our best curls but unfortunately many of those days start in frustration.  We get frustrated because it seems we do everything we know to do but in the end we are just not happy with our curls.  
The truth is most of you are missing out on the most important thing..... H2O!  Yep, that's it.  Water=Hydration =Happy curls. You get so tied up in products and methods you never really understand what properly hydrated hair looks and feels like.  You have  never been shown how to hydrate your hair because the truth is it takes more than sticking your head under the shower for minute.
So, start with these tips. 
-Give it time and give yourself time to do the work. 
-Start by saturating your hair then by sectioning your hair and working with small sections.   The thicker and or curlier your hair the smaller the sections.  
-Next, make sure each section is still very very wet.  Add conditioner (just a drop) and massage it into the hair. Do not use enough pressure to remove water or product.  Just massage and press the water and conditioner into the hair.
-Keep adding water and conditioner to each section until it feels smooth and plump. Remember,  this is more about the water "wetter is better".
-Continue using small sections until you have done the entire head.
-Now, squish to condition.   Essentially just scrunch the moisture in remembering not to use enough pressure to remove water.

Do these steps and you're well on your way to hydrated hair!

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